everything is everything.

I ain’t been this dedicated and hopeful since I was 16.


how do you bring a black child into a world that plots their destruction before they leave the womb? how do you explain to a black child that their life is a crime, that they will be hated for existing? how do you weight your own love heavily enough to stand up to every force that tells a black child they are unlovable by definition? how do you bring a black child into this world?


I like tumblr because I feel like no one really reads anymore, so why not come here and write. Also not everybody and their momma has a tumblr. It’s quiet over here.


Stop with this “black on black crime” rhetoric. How many whites are murdered by whites? Do you hear “white on white crime?” Studies show, most victims of violent crimes and offenders share a racial identity, or some form of prior relationship and proximity. Violent crimes aren’t as random as…

Ignorant shit gets an ignorant response.

They only love you when you got something for them and I ain’t got nothing but love for em, and that’s real.

When things are genuine they’re better, don’t force it don’t reach, keep it honest and real, I shouldn’t have to ask.

The lil engine that could…

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